Run Norwich 10km this Sunday – hair tips from the Norwich salons

Run Norwich this Sunday – the Norwich team is thinking about running hair!

It’s the second Run Norwich 10km this Sunday. In fact, the race goes right past the door of our Norwich hairdressing salon in Red Lion Street. The forecast is for warm weather, but we’re not sure the sunshine will break through the clouds. If the sun does shine, we stock plenty of products in our Norwich salons that contain sunscreen to protect the hair, including the Redken Colour Extend range and the Kerastase Soleil range.

Anyway, as Norwich hairdressers, we got to thinking about what runners with long hair do when they’re actually running. The swishy ponytail’s all very well but we’ve seen it before. While two French plaits look fabulous, it seems like every runner who speeds past us is sporting this two-braid style. Runners need a hairstyle that’s easy to do and will stay put for the whole race… and doesn’t add to the general run sweat.

A fishtail plait is straightforward to do and doesn’t put the same pressure on your scalp as the French braid. We also love the wraparound plait, which keeps your fringe off your face during the run. And how about going upside down? If you’ve got shorter hair around your neck, turn your head upside-down and make a French braid the other way up. Actually, it might be easier to get someone to do this for you!

On a hot day, a headband can make a runner feel a lot more comfortable… but we’re not sure we’re quite ready to rock the whole “Mr Motivator” look just yet. Instead of gym wear, why not check out a patterned band or bandana?

If you’ve got shorter hair, take inspiration from Khloe Kardashian and create a secure line bobbypins (or hairgrips) to keep a ponytail in place.

Best of luck to all the Norwich 10km runners this Sunday — especially those with “personal best” hairstyles…Run Norwich logo